Jennifer Andrews Principal of Brizart

Responding to Pandemic Challenges

Brizart is in business! Not quite business “as normal”, i.e. not the pre-COVID-19 “normal”. It’s a new normal!  A positive response to the challenges presented to us by the current pandemic.

Shortly after the March lockdowns, Monica Davidson from at Creative+Business, presented a series of supportive and informative webinars.  These webinars targeted the creative industries, all of which were, and still are, reeling from the impact of this pandemic. Two of these webinars, I felt, were particularly well-targeted. These were “Crisis Marketing” and “We Will Survive”.  Inspired by this advice, the fantastic Brizart staff pooled their talents and planned for uncertainty and restrictions.

 New Website

As part of this moving forward, we now have a fabulous new website, created by Peta McDonald-Smith at Moonstone Creative. This site provides us with the potential to host online classes via Zoom.

So check out Brizart’s new website and see what’s on offer.

Classes From Our Studios to You

These classes are not demonstration videos. They are classes that comprise demonstrations, in-time instruction, and discussion, as students work through the hands-on process of creating art. These on-line, Zoom classes create a platform in which to continue creating and learning as members of a group, even when social distancing is a problem.  These art classes are aimed at upper primary, teens, and adults.

Tutors and students are keen to get back to “normal”.  But until the time is right to resume in-person classes, we are offering an alternative. An alternative that is fostering collegiality, and the continuation of learning and creating in the visual arts.

Moving Forward

Feedback from the Zoom classes has been extremely positive. I have been delighted with the outcomes of our first Zoom Art courses and single classes.  I look forward to posting some of the works created in these classes, both in this blog, and also on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We are currently developing more art courses and art classes for you! These will be added to am looking forward to adding these to the online schedule.

Jennifer Andrews






drawing classes


With many people still in lockdown or avoiding crowds, Zoom art classes offer an attractive alternative to ‘in person’ art classes. It’s a great way to gain skills and connect with other like-minded people. You will be engaged in drawing in an interactive learning environment with the tutor.

Brizart is offering a series of Zoom drawing classes on Tuesday 7 July, Wednesday 8 July, and Thursday 9 July. Classes run from 10.30 am to 12 noon AEST (Brisbane, Australia).

These classes will suit upper primary, teens, and adults – really anyone who just wants to learn to draw in a supportive environment with an experienced tutor.

Jennifer Andrews will be your tutor. You can see her work on her website , on the Brizart website, and on Instagram.

Jennifer brings a broad range of drawing skills, a deep level of expertise, and lengthy teaching experience. Jennifer delights in sharing her expertise and insights with her students.

There will be tutor-lead discussions and demonstrations with lots of hands-on drawing for class participants. The tuition comes direct from Jennifer’s studio to yours via Zoom.

Classes sizes are limited.  BOOK NOW

What do you need: Pencils, paper, eraser and pencil sharpener. You need a table to draw on and a place to put your computer, tablet, or another digital device for Zoom where you can easily see and hear it and so that Jennifer can see you.

Jennifer will be using B, 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils, a good quality pencil eraser and A3 cartridge paper.

However, you can start with whatever you have. If you can’t get out, either because you’re in lock-down or otherwise, then use what you have. If you don’t have a good range of graphite pencils, consider using a dark colouring pencil, as this will also give a good range of tones. If you can’t get anything more, just turn up with whatever drawing materials you have to hand. Computer paper is ok too.

Jennifer looks forward to seeing you in class and sharing her drawing expertise with you.


Charcoal and Ink were used to create this wonderful drawing by Brizart artist, Krystyna Jack. This drawing has character and a sense of life. Fantastic drawing, Krystyna!

Krys attended a 6-week  Brizart Zoom Art Course, “Reflecting on Household Objects”, tutored by Dr. Nicola Hooper. This course ran over May and June 2020. It is wonderful to see such confident and expressive work.

These courses are part of a Brizart initiative to respond to Covid-19.

Zoom Art Classes run by our fabulous tutors are now open for bookings.

We bring you Brizart Art Classes online from our studios.

This is a fabulous way to keep learning and expanding your artistic self! These classes offer a platform for real-time demonstrations, instructions and feedback. With small classes of four to eight students, they provide a digital platform for sharing the creative process and enjoying the connections this enables.

These classes are suitable for teens (11yrs -18yrs) and adults.

Book now on




Brizart is going online with Zoom! Bringing our art classes from our studio to yours!

Unfortunately due to the ongoing health and safety issues arising out of the coronavirus pandemic, Brizart in-person classes will not be running in term 3. We will keep you updated as to when we can re-open. You can also stay up to date with changes as they unfold by following Brizart on Facebook.

During term 2, we have been running online Zoom art classes for the Friday morning Adult classes. These were so successful that we are extending online Zoom Art Classes for both teens and adults in term 3.

To start we will have four classes for teens and adults. Including a teens extension drawing and painting class and an adults building basics art class focusing on landscapes.

ZOOM Art Classes will commence Term 3, 2020. All classes can be paid for and booked online.

Click here to find out more.

As the Coronovirus situation unfolds I have now concluded that the only responsible action is to cancel all Brizart classes immediately and until further notice.

I realise and understand that this will have a substantial impact on my staff, the students and their families and I apologise in advance for the inevitable consequences of this decision.

I hope that it won’t be long before circumstances allow for classes as usual to resume. I will continue to be in contact as events unfold.

Thank you for your loyal support of Brizart over the years. This has been a sad and difficult decision.

I hope that you all remain well and safe, and that these challenging times will soon pass.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Andrews

To stay up to date with changes as they unfold please follow Brizart on Facebook.

ZOOM Art Classes will commence Term 3, 2020. Click here to find out more.

beginners art class feedback

There is no experience needed when you begin one of our adult beginners art class. We aim to encourage a environment that is supportive and creative. So it is lovely when this is confirmed for us by one of our new students. Donna Zatorsky is a beginner student in our 2017 adult art class. She was delighted with her first painting – and so are we all!

Read what Donna had to say …

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