2020 Gallery of student work.

We are delighted to be hosting our first virtual exhibition of works by Brizart students completed during 2020.

This is a celebration of creativity through what has been a very challenging year for everybody. In response to COVID-19 restrictions, all our classes were conducted online via Zoom. Our tutors, Nicola Hooper, Tracey Marning-Studin and Jennifer Andrews worked tirelessly to reshape the curriculum for the challenges on online learning. Our students who had been used to the camaraderie and social contact of the art classroom had to adapt to a new way of learning and interacting with the tutors and with each other. So it has been a huge inspiration to the staff to witness the creative spirit of the Brizart community blossoming during these conditions. Our students should be inordinately proud of the artwork they have produced through these difficult times. The Brizart staff are quite simply amazed and delighted at the depth and breadth of that artwork – it demonstrates yet again the vitality of the human spirit in times of adversity. 

You are cordially invited to browse and enjoy this virtual gallery of works by children, teens and adults. Please feel free to share the link with family, friends and acquaintances.

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2020 Zoom Art Club Term 4

2020 Zoom Teens (11yrs-highschool age)

2020 Zoom Teens Extension Drawing and Painting

2020 Zoom Short Courses

Friday Art Forum

2020 Zoom Adult Extension Painting and Drawing

Testimonials from our students.

I chose, and am very happy I did, Brizart, because it is a safe, fun and encouraging environment to learn to draw and paint.  Once I understood the fundamentals, the tutors encourage and support you to explore ideas of special interest, or provide a stimulating curriculum to follow.  The tutors are accomplished and academically trained professional artists, and I think this is imperative and provides the students with rigorous practical training and deep appreciation for art.

The Brizart Zoom sessions are a great way to continue developing my skills, despite the Covid-19 restrictions. The transition to the virtual studio was handled very professionally and students are well prepared for each session. I loved the way the Tutors really personalise their feedback and suggestions for each student.