IN-PERSON Art Classes.

We have a range  of classes for students between the  ages 10 years to adults

In 2022 we are also starting a new DRAWING class for upper primary & high school age groups!

Welcome to Brizart.

The fundamental aim of Brizart is to foster creativity in the visual arts while covering essential skills and techniques in a safe, supportive and flexible learning environment.

Established in 1999, Brizart continues to provide quality art education for teens, and adults.

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Testimonials from our Students.

The Brizart Zoom sessions are a great way to continue developing my skills, despite the Covid-19 restrictions. The transition to the virtual studio was handled very professionally and students are well prepared for each session. I loved the way the Tutors really personalise their feedback and suggestions for each student.

I chose, and am very happy I did, Brizart, because it is a safe, fun and encouraging environment to learn to draw and paint.  Once I understood the fundamentals, the tutors encourage and support you to explore ideas of special interest, or provide a stimulating curriculum to follow.  The tutors are accomplished and academically trained professional artists, and I think this is imperative and provides the students with rigorous practical training and deep appreciation for art.