Terms of Enrolment for Friday Morning In-person classes.


Enrolment indicates that you accept the terms of enrolment.

 Staff, students, and visitors must comply with Brizart workplace health and safety policy, which includes COVID-SAFE PLAN.

Staff will inform you of both general, Covid safe, and art process safety procedures. You are also asked to familiarise yourself with these.

  1. Enrolment is for the calendar year, which just means that should you need to terminate your enrolment, two weeks’ notice is required before the start of term so that others might be able to use the place.
  2.  Fee Policy
    1. Payment is by the term and is due by week 1 of each term.
    2. Invoices are emailed when you enrol. As your enrolment is valid till the end of term 4 of the year you enrol, invoices will be automatically emailed for each term, unless you indicate otherwise. Please check your junk mailbox!
    3. All payments are online only.
    4. Full payment is also required for those who join up to the third week of term. This will entitle you to have access to the information covered in the first 2 weeks.
    5. If there are places available and students join after week 3, the fee will be adjusted, but the tutor cannot catch you up on lessons not paid for.
    6.  No reimbursement or credit for missed lessons (unless and at the director’s discretion most of a term is missed due to serious illness)
  3. In the case of a Covid Lockdown, all classes will immediately go online via zoom. Zoom Classes will be only   2.5 hrs duration.  There will be no credit or refunds.
  4.  What happens if I know that I can only attend a section of the term and I wish to guarantee my place in the class?   We know that at times trips and commitments come up. We also have inquiries from people who work occasionally on Fridays. We need to juggle that with keeping fees as low as possible. So we have come up with the following policy:
    1. Brizart can, at its absolute discretion, negotiate a reduced fee with you, based on an anticipated absence for part of a term. Any reduced fee must be negotiated before the commencement of the term. The amount must be paid in full, before the student starting the lessons and will be calculated on a $50.00 (instead of the notional $40.00 per lesson when paid as a full-term).
    2.   This option is only available if there is no waiting list.
    3.  Students who pay the above-negotiated rate are not entitled to have the tutor catch them up for lessons missed, nor for any notes from those lessons not paid for.
  5. Casuals. In term 2 we are trialing accepting casual bookings for Advanced/Studio level participants who have been members of the Brizart class who wish to access the space and the art community but cannot make a full commitment.  These students would be working on their projects and have advanced skills. They will not receive individual instruction but may join in with the Creative Extension Class discussions. Tutors will offer critiques upon request. You might also wish to have your work in any group critiques that take place.  
    1. If the class is not fully booked an online booking page will enable payment by the lesson at $47.00. Tutors will not be able to catch you up on missed lessons. Students who pay casual rates are not entitled to have the tutor catch them up for lessons missed, nor for any notes from those lessons not paid for. But for students/artists who would like to work in the art environment, this might be an option. It is best suited to the advanced/studio level.
    2. These bookings must be completed online as there is a limited number of places due to COVID regulations.
    3. Students will be required to fill out a Contact tracing form upon arrival.
    4. No concessions apply to casual rates.
    5. These policies were developed is in the interest of fairness for those who are able and willing to comply with the full-term fee policy as well as those who wish to negotiate as above
    6. Terms of Enrolment apply.
  6. Discounts: Only one discount applies. eg a pension who has been in Brizart for 9 years will receive only the 15% discount on the full fee.
  7. 10% discount

    pensioner discount or after 4 years completed in Brizart

    15% discount after 9 years in Brizart


    20% discount after 14 years in Brizart