Beginners Art Class is supportive and relaxed

beginners art class feedback

There is no experience needed when you begin one of our adult beginners art class. We aim to encourage a environment that is supportive and creative. So it is lovely when this is confirmed for us by one of our new students. Donna Zatorsky is a beginner student in our 2017 adult art class. She was delighted with her first painting – and so are we all!

Read what Donna had to say …

“Being an absolute novice, I have been amazed by what I have achieved in just a few weeks at the Friday Beginners Art Class.

Completing my first ever acrylic still life painting was both a challenge and a joy. Nicola is a very energetic and positive tutor and seems determined to reveal our ‘hidden inner artists’ with her supportive approach.

The atmosphere in the class is relaxed and co-operative, thus enabling us to have fun and socialise but also focus on the technical skills we will need to express our own creativity.

Nicola is generous with her advice and I have benefited from her individual attention. As a beginner, I am already inspired and excited to continue on my artistic journey.