Donna Zatorsky is delighted with her first painting in the 2017 Absolute Beginners Class - and so are we all!.

Congratulations Donna!


Read what Donna says : Being an “absolute” novice, I have been amazed by what I have achieved in just a few weeks at the Friday Beginners Art class. Completing my first ever acrylic still-life painting was both a challenge and a joy. Nicola is a very energetic and positive tutor and seems determined to reveal our “hidden inner artists” with her supportive approach. The atmosphere in the class is relaxed and co-operative, thus enabling us to have fun and socialise but also focus on the technical skills we will need to express our own creativity. Nicola is generous with her advice and I have benefited from her individual attention. As a beginner, I am already inspired and excited to continue on my artistic journey. Donna

Overall Aim of Brizart


The fundamental aim of Brizart art classes is to foster creativity in the visual arts while covering essential skills and techniques in a safe, supportive and flexible learning environment



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Established in 1999, Brizart continues to provide quality art education for children, teens and adults.


Weekly Art Classes for Children / Teens /Young Adults (Kenmore, Brisbane )


Weekly Art Classes in Drawing & Painting  for Adults - Intermediate to Advanced

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Adult Beginners -Drawing & Painting - for the absolute beginner as well as those who feel there a gaps in their understanding of basics.

(Brookfield, Brisbane)




Kenmore and Brookfield are situated in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.



Kyle -Senior Exploring Art- Age 16- " Being Green" a mixed media construction commenting on a walk through urban nature.

See more photos of Kyle's construction

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