Overall Aim of Brizart


The fundamental aim of Brizart art classes is to foster creativity in the visual arts while covering essential skills and techniques in a safe, supportive and flexible learning environment




Art Classes

Established in 1999, Brizart continues to provide quality art education for children, teens and adults.

Art Classes


Weekly Art Classes for Children / Teens (Kenmore, Brisbane)


Young Adults (Kenmore, Brisbane)


Weekly Art Classes in Drawing & Painting  for Adults - Extension Class

(Brookfield, Brisbane)


Adult Beginners -Drawing & Painting - for the absolute beginner as well as those who feel there a gaps in their understanding of basics.

(Brookfield, Brisbane)




Kenmore and Brookfield are situated in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Kyle -Senior Exploring Art- Age 16- " Being Green" a mixed media construction commenting on a walk through urban nature.


Louella Michael,  Age 16,  Ceramic sculpture,

Senior Exploring Art Class


Coronovirus Update 17 March 2020

As the Coronovirus situation unfolds  I have now  concluded that the only responsible action is to

cancel all Brizart classes immediately and until further notice.

I realise and understand that this will have a substantial impact on my staff, the students and their families and I apologise in advance for the inevitable consequences of this decision.

I hope that it won’t be long before circumstances allow for classes as usual to resume. I will continue to be in contact as events unfold.


Thank you for your loyal support of Brizart over the years.This has been a sad and difficult decision.

 I hope that you all remain well and safe, and that these challenging times will soon pass.


Warm regards

Jennifer Andrews







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